The Club has been an important part of Whitton since 1938. Originally, members played on ‘shale courts’, with a very old wooden pavilion and a corrugated metal roof. However, the vision and commitment of the members at that time, and in the intervening years, has secured the transformation of the club into the modern attractive centre that we have today.

The Pavilion is named ‘The Brian Gray Pavilion’ in memory of our longstanding Chairman, who sadly passed away in 2011. Brian had been a founder member in 1938, and then Chairman for an amazing 48 years!

For further information on the history of the club, see Club History.

We are a sociable club and very family friendly. We hold events and functions throughout the year, and are always keen to welcome new members onto our committee. Details of events etc can be found on the noticeboards in the Pavilion.

Perhaps the highlight of the year culminates over a weekend early in September when we hold the finals of our internal competitions, both for juniors and seniors. After the trophies have been awarded to the winners, we run a BBQ for all members. This is always very well supported.

Dress Code
We have a very simple dress code which asks that members will be tidy and wear clothing that is appropriate to the game. Tennis shoes should not mark the surface of the courts.


The club uses standard tennis scoring rules with most matches being plays as best of three tie break sets. Handicap scoring systems can be used should players of varying levels want to play together.